Kitchens are so much more than a place to cook. They’re where families come to feast, forage and flop. Where we gather together at the beginning and the end of the day, catch up with our friends over coffee, chat with our children over homework, and enjoy the simple pleasures of a good meal shared. They really are the heartbeat of a home and that’s why we love designing & building them. And because your Allied kitchen will last a lifetime, getting better with age, it can be moved around or customised to suit any stage in your life.


A custom kitchen without a custom price tag.

We believe in making things well. We use the best materials from well-managed sustainable sources. Traditional techniques such as mortise and tenon joints with dowel joints for every frame and dovetail joints for every drawer give our furniture phenomenal strength for a lifetime of use.





- efficient planning 

- intelligent design

- high quality materials

- exceptional installation

Wood is a natural, organic material so we are careful to choose the right material for the right purpose. Large staves of oak for our work surfaces, flexible maple for our smooth hand painted finishes and strong birch for our cabinets. We insist on using lumber from well managed, sustainable forests so we know the history and quality of each tree. Whether it was dry winters or wet springs, we can then decide if the lumber will live up to our expectations.


It’s not just the lumber we carefully source. We want every detail to be perfect including the hardware so every detail is carefully taken care of.



The heart of the Allied concept has always been to offer you the very best in form, function and design at prices that are affordable. To do this we couple technology with traditional craftsmanship to ensure good organisation, consistent design and efficient production. We keep costs low by going direct to source for all our materials and by doing as much as we can ourselves. We use better grade materials that don’t fail in production and in turn make the work of the carpenters and finishers easier. High quality material also produces less waste, making us more efficient and most importantly making the product stronger, more beautiful and more durable. Finally, Allied furniture is built to last a lifetime. We do not compromise on the product in any way: every visible or invisible design feature is something we are proud of.


Finish Carpentry  // Custom Millwork // Retail Installation  

A true construction partner!

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